Linux: FTP server setup

Linux: FTP server setup

Sometimes we might need to setup an FTP server (for example for our client/co-worker to upload some large files). It is quick and easy.

1. Login as a root (su – root under Debian, sudo su – root under Ubuntu etc. ). Type:

apt-get install proftpd  or  yum install proftpd  (under Fedora/CentOS)

2. Edit file /etc/shells (I use nano) and add /bin/false

nano /etc/shells

3. Add user ftp.

4. Make home dir for ftp user and set premissions.

5. Optional: create  download & upload dir under your ftp home.

Always remember about setting correct premissions!

Tip #1

Commands to start/stop/restart ftp server are following:

 Tip #2

Configuration can be found at /etc/proftpd.conf

Tip #3

To jail users to theirs respective home directories, add following to config file:

DefaulRoot ~

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